The Truth Comes Out

I love it when society searches for truth and finds things that are in the Bible.

Note: Spoilers, and possible nerding out ahead. You have been warned!





I was watching Doctor Who the other day, and there was this scene where Clara Oswald (the 12th Doctor’s companion) betrays the Doctor. She took all of the Doctor’s Tardis keys and threw them in a volcano, essentially destroying the Doctor’s access to time travel. After she finished the doctor removed a patch from her neck that induces a dream-like state. It was all a dream. The Doctor says he wanted to see how far she would go and then he offers her his help. She is surprised and asks the doctor how he could possibly help her even though she betrayed him. He says this “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

That is probably a horrible description so here’s the video: 


I was just blown away by the parallels between the Doctor’s reaction and how God reacts when we betray him. I think this is just something that is a truth in this universe, and when society looks for real truth they can find it, and its awesome.