A Little Prince


He stood alone. The little prince was lost in a world so full of wonderful, beautiful things. He saw bright colors, red, yellow, blue, green. All of the beauty he had imagined was here. He tasted sweet foods. They filled his mouth with flavors that could only be joy. All of it was so wonderful, and yet as he was swept up in the flow of beauty he realized that here he stood alone. All of these amazing things, and yet the most amazing thing of all was missing. The King was not there. The prince was alone here, and without the king all of the colors were just gray, and all of the foods were bitter sand. Without the King the world of amazing beauty fell as ash. There was nothing here, so the prince left. He would find the King, for there there would be beauty. Not the fading beauty that the prince had just seen, but the true lasting beauty of the King.

Where the little prince went next was just as ugly, and just as beautiful. People with twisted faces offered him things he wished he could have. Some offered fruits that looked like they would burst in the princes mouth, some offered statues, that looked alive. Still others offered other things, some happiness, some peace, and some offered life. The prince saw these things, and he tasted the fruits. He asked about the happiness that they offered. They said that it was pure ecstasy, but the prince heard a whisper in his ear. This is not Me. He turned away and left. The hungry merchants shouting at him as he walked away. This also was not the King, and only the King could offer true joy, and true peace. Only the King’s fruits were truly good. 

The prince continued his journey, and soon he came to the hills of rolling gold. Now he knew that the king was close. He had kept moving through the dark places, and now he had come to the light where the King was. The prince started to run. He would wait no longer. He came over a hill, and there was the king in all of his true beauty. The king turned to the prince and ran toward him. The two met and the king held the prince in his arms. “You have done well, my prince.” said the King. The prince freed himself, and fell down. “You do not know what you are saying my king, I was lost. I thought the world was beauty, and I nearly stayed!” The King lifted the prince off of the ground, “I know, my prince, but when the time came you saw the truth, you heard my voice, and left. That is why I said you have done well.”

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