Evolution Vs Creationism: A Linguistic Approach

Genesis 11:8 — Come, let us co down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.

In the educational world biology is very closed to creationist views and completely ignores most creationist views on the origin of life. It is the same way in many other common scholarly subjects like geology, and chemistry. Linguistics is nice, though, because it is much more open to views on creation, and the biblical history of the world.

There are many different theories explaining how language originated among humans. linguistics admits that there is a huge gap between animal communication and human language. our throats are built differently than all animal throats. We have a much larger larynx that is much lower in the throat than animal larynxes. This makes it much easier to talk (The larynx is the voice box), but it also makes it much easier to choke. Animals that have a smaller larynx can actually breathe while they eat and drink. The larger larynx would have to exist long before communication could take place, and would have only served as a handicap for humans, something that contradicts evolution’s “survival of the fittest.”

Man Chimpanzee Comparison
Notice the many differences between the human mouth and the mouth of the chimpanzee, our supposedly close relative.

Animals also have no communication near ours. Humans can improvise new words, and new sentences which is something that numerous studies have shown animals cannot do. Humans can also talk about things far away, and in the future or past. most animals can’t do that either. In fact, the best version of this (called displacement) in all of nature is the bee which can “dance” about things far away.

Evolution asserts that all languages must have originated from one original language. Creation says that while there was originally one language, but God made many more when the people were foolish enough to try to build a tower to heaven. The creationist theory makes the most sense to me. The other theories are many.

The first evolutionary theory says that language originated from the sounds of the things around us. The issue with this is that many of our words, and ideas can’t be expressed in terms of what sound they make. The second theory is related to this, and says that language probably originated from the sounds humans make while doing certain things. This would use things like “ouch”, and “yuck” to communicate. The trouble with this is that interjections such as these are normally made by a sharp intake of breath, not a slow breathing out.

The third theory says that language likely came from people having to communicate. This is a circular theory. It says that people had to find a way to communicate so that they could communicate. It doesn’t provide any explanation for why people would think up these complex systems to communicate instead of just a point or a grunt.

The fourth theory states that people just started to use their mouths in new ways, just like they had started to make tools. This is similar to the third theory. It still doesn’t explain why we started to communicate, or why we have so many different forms of language.

Out of all of these theories the creationist view make the most sense. It says that God made humans that already spoke a language, and that when they became foolish He made many other languages, and spread them across the world.

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