Is Swearing OK?

%^&#$  &*^%  %&!@  @#*!

You’ve probably heard most of those (How do you pronounce the $ again?). I hear them every day in school. Every student where I am swears. In fact, I have not yet met one who doesn’t, but I have a conviction against swearing. I don’t use the curse words that others use, and I avoid other more acceptable words that have bad meanings. Here’s why you should too.

  1. Purity:We are called to be pure. What exactly this means is hard to point to, but I think our calling to be pure includes not swearing. We are to try to be blameless (and are washed clean by a blameless king) swearing may sully our reputation of purity. Also most swear words refer to sexual things that we definitely shouldn’t be talking about in our everyday hallway conversations with friends.
  2. Counter Culture:                                                                                                                     The theology of Jesus was always very different from the ideology of the world and still is today. We should stand out from the crown in the way we act. This includes my previous reason for not swearing: purity, but it also includes standing out. We should look different from the world . Swearing draws attention to us in a bad way and gives God a bad image.
  3. Love: Swear words don’t build people up. They tear them down. As Christians we are called to a life of love. Jesus said to love even our enemies. Are we loving them if we are calling them all of these horrible things? No, curse words are insults: designed to hurt people.


When we swear we can’t ever be sure who we hurt, and we betray many principles of Jesus. Not swearing makes us different from the world, and keeps our image pure. In the end though swearing cannot destroy your salvation. Jesus is more powerful than a few small words.






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