Having the Mindset of Jesus

Jesus is the supreme example of Christian life. When we struggle with decisions in life we look to Him as an example of what to do. We even have a neat acronym: WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? As Christians we believe that we should live like Jesus. What does this mean? Obviously it includes following His teachings, teaching others, praying, and ministering to all people, but it also means having the mindset of Christ.

I am using this term differently than many people use “The mind of Christ.” I mean that we should thing like Jesus thought, and see the world as He did not just know what He knew, and His spiritual gifts. This means more than just doing what Jesus did, but also thinking like He thought.

The New Testament mentions the word God more times than it mentions the name Jesus. This illustrates Jesus’ mindset. Jesus was always talking about God. When he ate a meal: God, when He was walking down the road: God. When He was dying on the cross: God, God, God.

Luke 23:46 — Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” 

Jesus was always praying to God, praising God, teaching about God, and thanking God. This is how we should also live. We should include God in everything we do. If the sunset is beautiful, thank God. If we are struggling with school, pray. If we are about to ride on the scariest roller coaster ever, pray (or thank God). When mom has a headache immediately pray for healing from God.

We should always include God in everything. He is, after all, including us in everything. If we believe that our God is always with us we should act like it.

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